Below are some the reviews of the MusicMaster Directories, the information now stored in the Record-Rama Sound Archive Database.

Dick Clark Company, Inc. Burbank, California…1983

“It’s all here… Artist, Titles, Labels and even the year of release. This is a great source for information. Over 70 million characters in this printing make this a required reference for any serious record collector.

Don Bombard, Y97 FM (WHYW) Pittsburgh, PA…1983

“There’s no question that the time as come for this kind of extensive reference project. Computers are amoung the hottest items on the market today, and many people are predicting a time where every home will have a multi-purpose computer center. By bringing modern technology to the music industry, MusicMaster unites the past with the present and looks forward to the future.”

Ed Salamon, VP, Programming United Stations…1983

“The Information that’s in MusicMaster has been one of the best kept secrets in the music business. I’ve used Record-Rama’s vast archive of information and recordings for years. At last it’s here, all 35 years of recorded history in one place for everyone to use.”

Andy Masich, President and CEO, Senator John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center…December 19, 2003

“What a great resource you have, built upon your passion for preserving an important piece of American History. Your extraordinary collection is a national treasure.”

Jim Donio, Communications Director, The National Association for Recording Merchandisers (NARM)…March 17, 1993

“Thank you participating in the seminar on merchandising the jewel box at the 35th Annual NARM Convention. It was the best attended seminar in the history of the convention. The feedback has been very positive and the exchange of ideas and information was extremely valuable.”

Rob Barth, Barth & Co. Graphic Design…October 21, 1992

“Congratulations on the Christmas Directory!! As a collector of Christmas records, a graphic designer, and a musician, I am triple-impressed with this directory. This book is intelligent, precise, and just plain fun to have.”

Michelle Taylor, Researcher, National Geographic Television…November 2, 1994

“As promised, here is a copy of the film, “The Voices of Doo-Wop.” I would like to thank you for your assistance in fact checking the script. If you recall, earlier this summer I spoke to you during the initial stages of my research. As a result, your input and suggestions helped a great deal. The film premiered on Sunday, September 11 on National Geographic Explorer, A two hour Magazine format show.”

John Koenig, The Reference Library…March 1992

“Paul Mawhinney, owner and operator of Record-Rama Sound Archives in Pittsburgh, PA has quietly been compiling one of the most impressive databases in record collection and dealer circles. Concentrating on 45 RPM records these past two decades, utilizing computer technology, Mawhinney is providing reference books that are absolutely invaluable for hard-core 45 collectors, writers and researchers alike. Structurally these directories are setup with columns of information, reading left to right, with the following headings: Record Number, Artist, Song Title, Record Company, Manufacturer’s Stock Number, MusicMaster Computer Number, Type: 1st, 2nd, 3rd Pressing, Promotional, Re-Issue Available or Discontinued, Vocal or Instrumental, Year Originally Release, and the MusicMaster Computer Number for the listing of the flip side, or other cuts of an EP. These volumes are similar to telephone books in size and structure. One of the most bountiful sources of information available in this field. It’s difficult to imagine the work that has cone into these books. As reference for projects or as ultimate trivia questions answering machines, you cannot go far without them. Collecting 45 RPM records lacking Mawhinney’s books on your shelves would be akin to trekking across Death Valley without water.”

Any Linehan, Curator of Popular Music, British Library National Sound Archive, London, England…August 1, 1984

“As a curator of popular music at the National Sound Archives, I was most impressed when our library received copies of the MusicMaster. It is certainly an enormous work, and I can only express great admiration for its detail and comprehensiveness. It should prove a valuable resource to researchers and members of the public who are interested in American Popular Music.”

Mark S. Cerami, Vice President/Owner, Priority Records, Hollywood, California…December 5, 1986

“All of us at Priority Records sincerely appreciate the use of your archives for our “Baby Boomer’s Best” compact disc series. Without your help, it would have been impossible to complete our project and still maintain the quality for which our company strives. Record-Rama’s catalog is by far the most complete and extensive collection of impeccably cared for discs we’ve found. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for everything you’ve done. If we can ever be of help to you in the future

While MusicMaster is no longer in print, you can still access all of information contained in all of the editions of the MusicMaster Directory and it’s supplements by subscribing to the Record-Rama Sound Archives Database.