Valuing Your Record Collection

Often customers will contact us and ask us, “How do I value my vinyl collection?” This can be a complicated question, as there are often many factors involved. First , look up the record in the Record-Rama Sound Archive Database, the sale column will provide you the market value in new, unplayed condition. Keep in mind that this price is only intended to establish a base value for the recording. Prices are ALWAYS negotiable between collectors. Here are some additional guidelines to help you adjust the price:

  • Mint, Unplayed Condition = price listed
  • Good Condition = 75% of price listed
  • Fair Condition = 50% of price listed
  • Poor Condition = price negotiable
  • Add 50% for promotional copies
  • Add 50% for picture sleeves on 7″ singles only
  • Reduce price of any recording or picture sleeve according to the condition. For example: writing or stickers on the recording or cover, reduce value 50%. Autographs do not add to the value of any recording unless they can be verified as authentic.

The Record-Rama Sound Archive Database’s pricing formula takes into account the age of the recording and the physical configuration of the recording. Of course if you have any questions about the value of a particular recording you can ask the Curator!

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